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About Us

At (‘Tour Guide Agent’ ‘us’, ‘we’ or the ‘Company’) we are a booking agent for tour guides in Scotland. We provide a vital booking link between the global travel trade and STGA guides by operating the nation’s leading guide booking service.

How We Operate

We act as an agent for all bookings made with us and we have no liability in connection with these bookings. The contract for guiding services is between you the guide, and the client.


When making a booking for you, we invoice the client on your behalf and collect payment. All payments are made to us and we then pass on your fee to you, the guide. We charge you a commission fee for each booking through us.


To learn more about our commission fee and how bookings through us work, please login to your account and see the help section ‘How Bookings Work’.

Guide Membership

Guide Membership is open to all current STGA Blue and Green Badge guides. To become a Tour Guide Agent Member, simply create an account on our website by registering here. Membership is free.


By creating an account on our website and becoming a member you agree to the terms and conditions set out on this page.


Membership of our website is voluntary. Becoming a member of our website is not a guarantee of any job offers or work.


We reserve the right to refuse or terminate membership at any time. You may terminate your membership at any time by requesting this by email to [email protected] .

Your Data

We have strict data protection procedures in place and are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. We do not give out any of your personal data at any time except for in the event of a booking being made with your consent on your behalf. In this case details such as your name, invoicing address, and contact details will be passed on to the client in order to provide invoicing paperwork and contact details for their booking with you.


Read our privacy policy here.


To request complete deletion of all of your data with us, please request a membership termination by email to [email protected]

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